Monday, February 23, 2009

Travel Rules

Everyone has them. Everyone uses them. Everyone needs them. Some of us more than others. What's one of the top travel rules? REMEMBER which time zone you're in. So, my last post might have seemed as though it had a hasty goodbye. Rightfully so. We debarked in Seattle to change planes and had about an hour or so to look around and grab some food. We went to the Pacific Marketplace -the girls got burgers, I decided upon some Japanese stirfry (After all...I'm in Seattle, right?) The girls saw a shop that was just about 50 feet away, so while I started posting on the blog, they went to look in the shop. I could see them, and wasn't concerned...until, I realized that my computer was still on Alaska time and I hadn't changed my watch to account for the jumping ahead to a new time zone!

Quicker than you can say, "Don't fly off with out me!", I grabbed all the carry-ons, the girls' gear, and ran (yes, ran...) over to get the girls. Calmly, I said, "We need to go - we're late". They said "OK" in the most calm manner as if they didn't realize that a ginormous catastrophe was looming! Finally - the Look, the frenzy in my voice - I'm not sure which it was - but they decided that if I was running, then they better too. We made it to our gate at the Final Boarding call and jumped into seats. Not necessarily our own, but seats with seatbelts nonetheless. :-)

San Diego was a beautiful mosaic of lights and water when we landed. We got to the hotel without nary a hitch and we called Grammy and Popo from the lobby. There's nothing quite so sweet as a long-awaited reunion. It was completely precious!

McDonald's beckoned from across the street, so away we went. We went to bed, tired but happy, in anticipation of boarding the ms Zaandam the next day.

Ahhh, life is good!

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