Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday, February 20th

I'm writing these posts with date headers so I can catch everyone up. I've been remiss in my duties of posting, so my apologies!

Today is the day we embark the ship. We woke up with plenty of time and proceeded to prepare for the journey. First, we needed sunblock and hair gel (I had to sacrifice my hair gel to the TSA gods upon arrival at the airport - how could I forget yet another travel rule?). Popo and the girls and I decided to go to Target - taxi service was pretty cheap compared to the bus, so away we went. Actually, Ellen and Grammy stayed behind to wait for Liz and Larry and to rest up for the journey.

The San Diego pier is large and as usual, the embarkation and checkin process runs smoothly in the capable Holland America Line hands. After meeting Liz and Larry, we got onboard, headed to the Lido to eat. It was fun to watch the girls' reactions. Katherine seemed impressed, but was trying to remain "cool" about it. Ellen was amazed and everything was "so cool, Auntie!" One thing among many that I'm so proud about working for a company like Holland America is how nice everyone is on board. Time and time again, we were greeted, and Ellen would say, "I can't believe how friendly everyone is!" It's hard to impress a 13yr old sometimes, but Holland has done it again.

Sail Away was great!

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