Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22nd

Happy Birthday Grammy!!!

Birthdays are fun to celebrate, but it just gets better when you're with family and friends, sailing on a beautiful cruise ship to Hawaii. Pardon me while I take a moment to savor the South Pacific winds and the calm seas...

Last night, the girls and Liz and I decorated Grammy and Popo's door with birthday balloons and greetings. LOL! It's totally crazy and fun and our room stewards are joining right along. Today, Grammy is enjoying her new hair cut/bleach and facial while the rest of us do our various things. Some are swimming outside (the girls), some are sunbathing (me), some are wandering the ship (Popo), and others are napping (Larry and Liz). That's the beautiful thing about the many things to do and we can either do them all together as we've done on a couple days, or do them separately - whatever works.

Tonight, we have dinner reservations, compliments of William d'Souza - our Asst. Dining Room boss. He's been fantastic, making us all laugh, singing songs (Is it "Don't Cry for Me, Alabama"? or "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina"?) He brings the girls special treats, sings to "the Mama" - Grammy, and generally entertains us with song and smiles. Phillip is fantastic as our steward, as is Benny from the bar staff.

William made sure that Mom had a birthday cake, gathered the troops and sang Happy Birthday "in English, please" for Grammy. It is formal night, so everyone looks lovely.

Speaking of Formal Night: It took me nearly two hours to get Ellen's hair curled and pinned up...but she was beautiful! Katherine was beautiful as well and I can't wait to see the pictures of the two of them.

The girls want to watch a movie tonight. I'll go for the popcorn, but not sure I'll stay awake...

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Hidden Jewel said...

I was wondering how in the world you got Ellen's hair that curly! It is so stubborn.