Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wow. We made it to Seattle. Anyone who's ever traveled next to small children on a plane generally cringe when they think of the crying, the noise, the feet kicking the back of your seat...Let me tell you - those little terrors have nothing on a couple of teenage girls traveling with their aunt! I've never met two girls that could talk SO MUCH! I even turned off the hearing aid, in hopes of catching up on some sleep. Not these guys...they were all about the conversation - the reading - out loud - of the Hawaii travel book, the in-flight magazine and anything else they could get their hands on. And, writing. They both wrote extensively in their travel journals (Mom and Dad, you should be proud of your girls!) Of course, everyone around them took their UNENDING conversation in stride, smiling, laughing and enjoying what they saw. The girls made friends with a little girl across the aisle. They were sweet and playful with her, which made my own heart swell.

Have I said how much I'm thankful and privileged to be traveling with these girls! They are the best. Yes, they talk nonstop, but I suppose every 13 year old girl is entitled - especially when they are so excited they can hardly contain themselves. LOL!

It's good to be me...We'll catch up later!

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Judy said...

lol...I've traveled with a non-stop can actually be quite entertaining if you're not trying to sleep that is!
Shalom, (or should I say Aloha?)Judy