Friday, October 24, 2008

The Journey's End

First, let me send a "shout out" to my brother Dan for his accomplishments with MS Certifications! Way to go, Brother!

Today is our last day at sea, and for all essential purposes, the last day of our cruise. Tomorrow morning ends the constant pampering, the Diet Coke placed at my seat at dinner time before I ask, and the cheerful "Good Morning, Brenda!" from Agung, the Lido dining steward. Our time aboard the ms Rotterdam has been fantastic. All our needs were met - sometimes before we even knew what we needed! The Events Staff were wonderful and are new-found friends. I can't say enough about the generosity of the staff on board in their smiles, greetings and assistance.

Today, Kadar and I had a special treat - we were invited to have a Bridge Tour. These are essentially non-existent since 9/11 for security reasons, but the Captain was kind enough to grant us one. As Kadar joins the Coast Guard very soon, and I work for Holland America, it was a very special treat, indeed. It was fascinating! Although Captain Krombeen was not on the Bridge, 2nd Officer Kevin was and he did an outstanding job of sharing hisk nowledge.

Today I traded in my DDollars for some goodies after participating in one final Sports of Call event. We ate dinner at 5:30 and we were treated to a fantastical, fun dining experience called the Master Chef's Dinner. Theatrical flair, great food and laughter all around made it a memorable event to be sure. We sat around afterwards and discussed plans for Athens and ordering pictures. There will be a few to be purchased, but I'm thankful for the ones on my camera!

I have yet to pack, so I'll sign off for now, but once again - thanks for reading, commenting and wishing you the adventure of a lifetime!

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