Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dreams Really Do Come True

Today, I stood in front of possibly the greatest ancient wonder of the world and cried. Yes, full-on, tears streaming down my face, cried. I couldn't believe that I could be so emotional about a life-long dream of visiting the Pyramids of Giza coming true. I won't write a lot here, because when I get back home, the pictures I'll add will be more telling. I will share a bit though. There's something to be said about seeing something for yourself to fully comprehend what you've read. And so it is true about Egypt. It's an amazingly eclectic mix of people, but they do have one thing in common for sure: Laws of the Road are non-existent! We boarded the bus at 7am this morning and one of the first things our lovely guide, Heba told us was to not worry about the driving, that our driver knew what he was doing and to just sit back and relax and not to look. These people drive three, four or five wide in a two-lane road. They switch back and forth, darting in and out and the tiny vehicles play "chicken" with the big ones just for fun as near as I can tell! Nothing like doing 90KM/hour and then suddenly slam on the brakes in a 47pax motor coach. Yikes! Donkey carts, camels, semi trucks and cars all share the same road, nearly on top of each other. Pedestrians are no better; darting in and out of the traffic where they please. Seriously - it's insanity on wheels. Oh, wait - it get's better. At night, they add to the fun by not using headlights. No kidding. Running lights are good enough for them until they want you to move. Then, the headlights flash and the horn goes on. I think I aged 10 years on the one drive today. LOL!

We visited the Pyramid of Sakkarah - the famed Step Pyramid; the Pyramids of Giza; the Sphinx and a palace for lunch. The low-light of the trip was a trip down into the tomb. I actually started having a panic attack and thought that I may spend my last moments sucking whatever little oxygen was available into my lungs before dying in the tomb. Uh, yeah - not for those that have breathing issues or claustrophobic or like cool air.

I'll sign off now, but will post more tomorrow as it is our last day at sea before returning to Athens on Saturday.

Thanks for reading, and here's to fewer "I wish I would have done's" in my basket.

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Brenda's Mom said...

Dearest Daughter,
I am so glad that you got to see the pyramids but just hearing you describe the trip down into the tomb scared me half to death. Thanks anyway but I don't think that would be my dream. It is better to live the experience through you. Dad and I can hardly wait to see your pictures.
Love you and miss you.